To Sharpen

"To Sharpen" in kanji. Japanese calligraphy art by Nao.

“To Sharpen” by Nao

to-gu, ken

Togu is a verb meaning to sharpen.

To put the edge of something is expressed as ha wo togu.”

Sharpening a Japanese long sword is katana wo togu.” It’s unusual to do so, though.

This verb is also used for washing rice. Kome wo togu” means to wash rice.

Kenshū means training. Its verb “kenshūsuru means do training.

Kenkyū is research or studies. Its verb “kenkyūsuru means to do research or to study.

Sharpen o

  1. Draw the horizontal stroke from the upper left corner.
  2. Draw the sweeping stroke touching the previous stroke.
  3. Draw the left side of the rectangle.
  4. Draw the upper and right sides of the rectangle.
  5. Draw the lower side of the rectangle.
  6. Draw the other horizontal stroke on the top.
  7. Draw the horizontal stroke parallel to the previous stroke.
  8. Draw the sweeping stroke crossing the previous stroke.
  9. Draw the vertical stroke.

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