"Middle" in kanji. Japanese calligraphy art by Nao.

“Middle” by Nao


All you have to remember about this character is that this is used in the word chūō, which means middle or center.

Words that begin with chūō are something that are central.

  • Chūō amerika is Central America.
  • Chūō ajia is Central Asia.
  • Chūō yōroppa is Central Europe.
  • Chūō bunritai is central reservations or median strips.

America, Asia, and Europe are written in katakana. To see Japanese characters for these words, visit this page.

  1. The kanji for "Middle" with the stroke order and arrows showing directions.Draw the left side of the rectangle.
  2. Draw the hook.
  3. Draw the horizontal line in the middle.
  4. Draw the sweeping stroke from the top, sweeping toward the lower left corner of the character.
  5. Draw the other sweeping stroke from the center.

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