Cool or Chilly

"Cool or Chilly" in kanji. Japanese calligraphy art by Nao.

Cool or Chilly

hi-eru, hi-yasu, tsume-tai, rei

It hasn’t been very cool in Japan yet. It feels too early to say, “asa ban hiemasune” (The mornings and evenings are chilly these days, aren’t they?). Use this expression as a greeting as soon as you feel chilly in the morning and the previous night.

The verb hieru is “to feel chilly.” The verb hiyasu is “to chill something.”

You can say, “tsumetai” if something such as water or wind is cold.

An air-conditioner is rei.

A refrigerator is reizōko. Both and ko mean a storehouse.

Begin to draw the left-hand side of the character, that is, two dots.The kanji for "Cool or Chilly" with the stroke order and arrows showing directions.

  1. Draw the upper dot.
  2. Draw the lower  dot sweeping up.
  3. Begin to draw the right-hand side of the character. Draw the sweeping stroke from the top to the lower left.
  4. Draw the sweeping stroke from the top to the lower right.
  5. Draw the dot between the previous two sweeping strokes.
  6. Draw the hook.
  7. Draw the dot touching the end of the previous stroke.

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