To Shout

“To Shout” in kanji. Japanese calligraphy art by Nao.

To Shout

sake-bu, kyō

The verb sakebu means to shout or to scream. To scream might be more accurate in
some occasions. A scream is sakebi, sakebigoe, or zekkyō. Roller coasters, jet coasters,
and free fall attractions at theme parks are called “zekkyō mashīn” (machines that make you

The kanji for “To Shout” with the stroke order and arrows showing directions.

  1. Write the left side of the rectangle.
  2. Write the upper and right sides of the
  3. Write the lower side of the rectangle.
  4. Write the shorter vertical stroke.
  5. Write the stroke slightly rising rightward.
  6. Write the longer vertical stroke.

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