A Load

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

A Load

ni, ka

Nimotsu is something you are carrying. A load is ni or tsumini. Tenimotsu means luggage or baggage.

Ni or nimotsu can be a burden. By adding prefix o- to nimotsu, you can express it as a burden. That is onimotsu. A heavy burden is also expressed as omoni.

Packing is nizukuri. Zukuri comes from the verb tsukuru meaning to make.

  1. The Order of Writing StrokesWrite the horizontal stroke on the top.
  2. Write the short vertical stroke crossing the first stroke.
  3. Write the sweeping dot from the top right.
  4. Write the sweeping stroke under the horizontal stroke.
  5. Write the vertical stroke touching the previous stroke.
  6. Write the horizontal stroke under the shorter sweeping stroke.
  7. Begin to write a rectangle, writing the left side of the rectangle.
  8. Write the upper and right sides of the rectangle.
  9. Write the lower side of the rectangle.
  10. Write the vertical stroke with an upward turn.

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