To Call or to Exhale

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

To Call or to Exhale

yo-bu, ko

This character is the opposite of kyū (to inhale or to breathe in) but these characters become a word when they are together. It is kokyū meaning breath.

The verb yobu means “to call somebody’s name.” Roll-calling is tenko. The verb tenko-suru and the phrase “tenko wo toru” mean “to call the roll.”

The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the left side of the rectangle.
  2. Write the upper and right sides of the rectangle.
  3. Write the lower side of the rectangle.
  4. Write the sweeping stroke from the top.
  5. Write the dot near the center.
  6. Write the sweeping dot falling leftward.
  7. Write the horizontal stroke.
  8. Write the curve with an upward turn. (This is a vertical stroke when written in the standard style.) 

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