To Pay

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

To Pay

hara-u, futsu

The verb harau means to pay. Shiharai is a noun meaning payment. Perhaps, if you have paid by credit card, you might have been asked “oshiharai wa goikkatsu de?Oshiharai means payment. It is the polite prefix o- and shiharai. Ikkatsu means the bulk of something or all together. The phrase “goikkatsude” asks you if you pay the entire bill at a time. Refund is haraimodoshi. Modoshi means a return.

 The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the horizontal stroke.
  2. Write the vertical stroke with an upward turn.
  3. Write the sweeping stroke heading toward the next stroke.
  4. Write the rotated chevron. Divide this stroke into two when you write this in calligraphy.
  5. Write the dot.

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