Japanese Calligraphy by Nao



Something using this character is evil. Jaakuna means evil and is a noun modifier. The aku of jaaku also means bad.

Ja is a bad way to do something.

Jashin and janen mean an evil mind.

Many people have a cold every year. This illness is called kaze, which is composed of ‘wind’ and this character and has an exceptional reading.

The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the horizontal stroke on the top.
  2. Write the sweeping dot under the previous stroke.
  3. Write the longer horizontal stroke.
  4. Cross the previous stroke with a vertical stroke, finishing it with an upward turn.
  5. Write the longer sweeping stroke falling leftward.
  6. Write the hook on the top.
  7. Write another hook touching the previous stroke.
  8. Write the vertical stroke.

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