To Author

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

To Author

arawa-su, ichijiru-shii, cho

We have 4 characters reading “arawasu.” So far, we uploaded this. Today’s character 著 is used when an author writes something. If you are a writer, you are chosha and your books are called chosho or chosaku.

Ichijirushii is an adjective meaning noteworthy.

The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the horizontal stroke on the top.
  2. Write the dot from the top.
  3. Write the sweeping stroke crossing the first stroke.
  4. Write the horizontal stroke.
  5. Write the vertical stroke crossing the previous stroke.
  6. Write the longest horizontal stroke.
  7. Write the sweeping stroke falling leftward.
  8. Write the left side of the rectangle.
  9. Write the upper and right sides of the rectangle.
  10. Write the horizontal stroke in the rectangle.
  11. Write the horizontal stroke at the bottom.

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