To Hunt for Something

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

To Hunt for Something

ka-ri, ka-ru, shu

Hunting wild animals for food or as a game is kari. The word is used when we pick fruit just for fun. In such an occasion, kari becomes the voiced sound gari with fruit names. For example, ichigo gari is strawberry picking (It’s the season now!). Other examples are ringo gari (apple picking), meron gari (picking melons), budō gari (grape picking), and mikan gari (picking mandarin oranges). You can enjoy picking fruit for fun all year round. Fruit farmers wouldn’t use these words for what they do.

Momiji gari sounds like fruit picking, but it means viewing colored leaves in late autumn. This is also for fun.

The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the sweeping stroke from the top.
  2. Write the curve with an upward turn.
  3. Write the shorter sweeping stroke.
  4. Write the dot on the top.
  5. Write the dot near the center.
  6. Write the hook.
  7. Write the horizontal stroke.
  8. Write the vertical stroke with an upward turn.
  9. Write the dot under the horizontal stroke.

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