The Top of Something

Japanese Calligraphy by Nao

The Top of Something

itadaki, itada-ku, chō

The itadaki of a mountain is the top of the mountain. It is formally called sanchō.

The crest or height of something such as happiness is zecchō.

When your elders or betters give you something good, you should receive respectfully. The way you receive can be expressed as “itadaku.” If it is casual gift-giving, use the verb “morau.” In case you want to know how this is connected to the top of something, it may be useful to know that itadaku is an expression implying you put a gift on your head.

The Order of Writing Strokes

  1. Write the left-hand side of the character first. Write the horizontal stroke.
  2. Write the hook with an upward turn.
  3. Write the horizontal stroke.
  4. Write the sweeping stroke touching the horizontal stroke.
  5. Write the left side of the rectangle.
  6. Write the upper and right sides of the rectangle.
  7. Write the upper horizontal stroke in the rectangle.
  8. Write the lower horizontal stroke in the rectangle.
  9. Write the lower side of the rectangle.
  10. Write the sweeping stroke falling left ward.
  11. Write the dot.

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